Introduction to Serenade

Driven by passion and a love of all things music? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

At Serenade, we’re on a mission to empower artists to generate new revenue streams by delivering wonderful experiences to fans. We do this through our web3 marketplace and community watering hole known by collectors and mosh-dwellers alike as Serenade.

We’ve simplified NFTs by developing an accessible, affordable, and environmentally friendly NFT marketplace that allows artists to produce digital collectibles for collection and display by their fans.

Through Serenade, artists are able to fill their creative and revenue gap and fans are able to connect with their favourite artists in a culturally relevant, tapped in space. Sitting at the intersection of culture and technology, Serenade is paving the way for an intimate, authentic future of musical fandom.

Sounds like your kind of mission? Then please, do us both a favour and keep reading.

Job Description

Summoning your inner Bear Grylls to mount the figurative brand summit, the role of the senior brand manager is to own Serenade’s already clear values and goals, and take them to the world with passion, creativity, conviction and pride.

Working alongside the CEO and Experience & Design Lead, the Senior Brand Manager will define Serenade’s marketing strategy and be responsible for delivering upon it. We’re looking for someone equal parts strategist and dreamer, someone to come up with bold ideas and maintain conviction as to where they fit into the bigger picture.

  1. Set the marketing strategy. Translate Serenade’s business objectives into a clear vision of Serenade’s artist, fan, industry, and overall brand goals. Establish the platform that ties them together as well as the key communications objectives that follow.
  2. Ideate and execute killer ideas. Whether through traditional channels or wild means that came to you in a dream, your task is to establish wonderful ideas to achieve Serenade’s brand and communications goals and make our brand famous.
  3. Identify and own the channels. Implement campaigns, working alongside internal team members and third party agencies to optimise the performance of key channels
  4. Own content as only the brand custodian can. Set content themes and oversee the production of content in a manner that is consistent with your vision for the Serenade brand.
  5. Report on performance. Communicate how the channels and initiatives are performing so the executive team will know where to invest their time and resources.
  6. Be the internal brand advocate. Empower the team to communicate our values and culture authentically and consistently in sales, marketing and recruitment efforts.


Serenade is looking for someone with 7+ years of experience in building brands through fantastic ideas and effective media and communications on either the brand or agency side. You will be expected to have an instinct for good creative work, know your way around a media plan and know the power of a strong brand platform for bringing consistent and resonant communications to life. You are obsessed with surprising audience insights and make data-backed strategic decisions.

Key skills include:

  • Strategy. You are able to identify the most important challenges to solve and the most effective way to solve them. Can create a data-backed narrative to justify brand direction and has mastered the art of succinct insightful briefs to inspire great creative work
  • Media. You can break down a media spend and speak the language of media agencies. You know best practices for each channel and which one to use for various objectives.
  • Creative. You have an instinct for good ideas, you’ve worked with creative teams on complex campaigns with brilliant creative solutions that draw mass press attention
  • Data. You know what success looks like and what metrics are important to focus on. You can use data to find interesting challenges and opportunities and are able to make pivots at the right times based on reporting and analytics.


£50,000 - £60,000 + equity